The Book

A cafe pops up and disappears. Books fly off shelves. Conversations with the dead are more alive than old friendships. A woman with wings teaches flight. A Vietnamese lesbian manicurist/artist teaches the beauty of creativity. A Brazilian hairdresser/poet demonstrates the power of love to heal. All provide strange maps that lead Jewel to leave her affluent neighborhood and a thirty-five-year marriage to begin an unimaginable life.
What follows is a kind of odyssey of Jewel’s circumstance as she journeys on a path of self-discovery, interacting with a variety of people, some relatively ordinary and others highly unconventional, as the mystery of becoming reveals itself.
Later, Nadine, a seventeen-year-old girl, through profound emails with her best friend, discovers a thread of magic in her depression, hope in her hopelessness, activism in “the terrible trump” era, teachers in mind-blowing places, and the gift of connection.
Separately and together, Jewel and Nadine experience the pain and power of mutiny and liberation. They encounter the restorative qualities in living between the lines of not all there and here.